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Curated Insights | Friday 5th March 2021

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Happy Friday,

This weeks insights include:

  • How to improve your one-on-ones 💬

  • Leadership Insights from Clubhouse 👋

  • A surprising truth about teaching 🧠

Also this week you have the chance to give one-click feedback. You can find the options at the end of this edition.

With Gratitude,



How effective are your One-On-Ones? 💬

Time Spent in One-On-Ones

I asked this question on Twitter. 55% voted not effective. I thought it would be higher.

Almost every person I coach or mentor shares that their one-on-ones are ineffective.

Take the story of Sarah. Her one-on-ones are 20mins once a week. The whole time is spent giving status updates. She rarely gets good feedback or time to talk about her career goals.

It's even worse for Marcus. He's scheduled to have a 30min bi-weekly with his manager. But every other one is usually cancelled. And when they do happen, his manager turns up 10 mins late.

It's also a challenge for managers. Kim manages a team of 15. With her "Day Job" she finds it difficult to find the time to have meaningful one-on-ones.

A survey found that HR leaders expect managers to spend 36% of their time developing team members, but a survey of managers showed the actual amount averages just 9%—and even that may sound unrealistic to some.

The opportunity cost from ineffective one-on-ones is huge.

Studies have shown that team members of managers who don’t have 1:1 meetings are 4 times as likely to be disengaged. Over time people will leave as they don't feel valued or listened to.

Over the next few months, I'll be sharing more content about how coaching can help improve one-on-ones both as a manager and team member.

Do you want to improve your One-On-Ones?

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Leadership Insights From Clubhouse 👋

Clubhouse James Clear and Kat Cole

If you didn't know Clubhouse is a hot new social platform.

It's essentially live podcasts that enable you to ask questions live to the speakers.

Over the past 2 weeks, I've been joining more and more sessions.

I attended a really great session with Kat Cole and James Clear on Leadership.

It was full of insights and in particular, this quote from Kat Cole really resonated:

"It is the actions, not the words of leaders in an organisation over time that create psychological safety."

I would highly recommend following @BarrettABrooks, COO of ConvertKit - He facilitates great, high-quality sessions every week.

Randomly I also attended a session hosted by BJ Fogg, Author of Tiny Habits. He was sharing the Morning Bird Song from his Garden in Hawaii. 🦜


A surprising truth about teaching 🧠

What's better Lecture-style or Activity-based learning?

Studies show:

  • Students enjoy Lecture-style most but learn less.

  • Students enjoy Activity-style less but learn MORE.

This shows that real learning can be challenging and not fun.

It also highlights the problem with post-training evaluations. In the activity-based sessions, students are more likely to rate a teacher lower than in lecture style.

As a teacher and facilitator, it can be hard not to get distracted by this feedback. Remember to measure success based on the learning outcomes.

To help you facilitate great workshops I created the workshop planning canvas


Quote of the week

"Beethoven and Mozart didn’t have higher hit rates than some of their peers; they generated a larger volume of work, which gave them more shots at greatness."

- The Revenant


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