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Become a better leader fast.

100+ Book summaries written by business leaders. Learn practical ways to lead better in your workplace. The big ideas and key takeaways in 5 minutes or less.

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Hi, I'm Toby.

As an organisational leader, I'm always looking to learn insights from the best thinkers on the planet. I've read hundreds (maybe thousands) of books to become a better leader.

In 2020 I came to a realisation: I wasn't turning knowledge into action. 🤦‍♂️

Inspired by reading Tiny Habits by Fogg I formed a new habit of writing Book Summaries.

Since then I've written over 50 business summaries. These include Atomic Habits by James Clear, Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, The Practice by Seth Godin.

Each summary is written from my experience as a practising organisational leader. There are many other book summary sites such as Blinkist but what they often lack is the experience of how those insights have been applied in the workplace. 

These books share how I've become a better leader. For example:

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What I'm currently reading:

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