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“Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” -  Victor Frankl

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Backstory: Journey to Now

Helping others was a big part of Toby’s upbringing. His parents, change agents in the charity sector, would result in Toby meeting people from all walks of life; Homeless, Addicts, Low-income families and many others. Because of this, Toby learned from an early age how to build empathy and connect with people. He also learned the impact passionate change agents can have on social issues. As a result, Toby was naturally drawn to Coaching as a profession. Now a certified professional business and executive coach he is a change agent helping organisations and people achieve their potential.


In his teenage years, Toby developed a fascination with technology. This started with building websites for local charities and community projects. This grew Toby’s passion and curiosity for the power of the internet. Because of this, Toby studied e-Business at the University of Liverpool, graduating with First Class Honours.


In the first 7 years of Toby’s career (2007 - 2014) he worked as a Software Testing Consultant across several industries. This variety helped Toby develop his ability to learn and build relationships quickly. Some of this learning was sparked by a book gifted to him in his first role “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey. This book sparked a passion and interest in self-development which continues to this day. Reading over 100 books a year, Toby continues to learn new habits and routines to maximise his impact on the world.


A pivotal moment during these years was joining a consultancy start-up, RoqIT, as their third employee (2009). Toby worked directly with the founders to define business strategy, organisational values and the delivery approach. Many of Toby’s business and leadership skills were developed during these years. Now a larger company, the values Toby helped to build still remain.


In the past 7 years, Toby has been working with JP Morgan Chase to transform an 8,000 person technology organisation (2014 - now). Toby’s transformation leadership has helped improve the effectiveness of many teams and leaders over this time. The impact created by Toby led him to be one of the quickest and youngest promotions to Executive Director within the department. 


A pivotal moment during his time at JP Morgan was gaining a deeper experience of coaching. Toby worked as an Agile “Coach” but over time he realised he knew little about professional coaching. This led to several years of self-discovery to understand the essence of professional coaching and the areas in which Toby needed to grow. Toby shared this personal journey at several industry conferences to help inspire other coaches.


Toby is proud of the balance he’s found in his life - the size, scope and responsibility of Toby’s current role can bring a lot of pressure. Toby is proud that throughout he has been able to balance his mental, physical and spiritual health. This doesn’t come easy and crafting this balance is one of Toby’s ongoing personal development goals.


Today what excites Toby is working with organisations with inspiring leaders who want to create a positive impact in the world. He is excited to be working with business leaders who want real change beyond the buzzwords. He is inspired by leaders who embrace change at a personal level, often transforming many parts of their lives. He is optimistic about the impact future leaders will have in the world and how coaching can help them achieve their potential.


Toby believes that his purpose is to help grow more change agents. By doing this he believes the world's biggest problems can be and will be solved.

My Values






Purpose: Reason to exist

To develop organisations and their change agents to solve the world's biggest challenges.

Vision: Aspiration for the future

My vision is that we see a dramatic transformation in organisations across all sectors. As a result of this transformation, the following will be true:


  • Employees work in environments where they have mastery, autonomy, purpose and feel psychologically safe.

  • Organisations deliver products that really solve customer problems and add value to their lives

  • Diversity is valued as a key ingredient of business success rather than something managed by numbers

  • Leaders trust their employees and support them to achieve their full potential 


In addition, my vision is that my impact will help contribute to solving these global issues:


  • Climate Change

  • Social Mobility

  • Rough Sleeping


How I plan to live my values, align to my purpose and achieve my vision

Work with Organisations:

  • Design organisation structures that promote psychological safety and harness the power of high performing teams.

  • Create mechanisms within organisations where voices of change can be amplified such as communities of practice and peoples assembly.

  • Develop C-Level change agents who have the desire and to make these organisational changes possible.

  • Work with organisations that align with my personal values and provide a platform to achieve my purpose.

  • Invest in organisations that are tackling global issues that are important to me.


Work with Individuals and Teams:

  • Create programs that teach change agents the personal skills required to create impactful change

  • Build networks of change agents that enables innovation and amplifies learning.

  • Coach individuals to overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential.

  • Act as a connector between change agents and people in power to help their voices be heard.


Helping people accelerate their personal development.



Developing high performance leadership teams and delivery teams.



Designing organisations to be highly adaptive and responsive in competitive environments.

Certified Professional

To become a certified professional coach takes many years of training and practice. I'm certified with the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Coach. To achieve this certificate required:

  • 162hrs of Accredited Training with Barefoot Coaching

  • Completion of a Coach Competency Assessment

  • 500hrs of coaching conversations

  • Regular Coach Supervision

  • Demonstrate adherence coaching ethics and standards 


Conference Talks

A sampler of the conferences I have been invited to speak at:

  • Agile 2019 (Washington DC) – Reflective Writing for your Self-Care toolkit

  • Agile 2018 (San Diego) – Agile Coaching v Professional Coaching

  • Test Bash 2017 (Brighton, UK) – Introduction to Professional Coaching Workshop

  • Agile Testing Days 2015 (Berlin) – Experiments at Scale: How to test an idea 

Charity Work

Professional Coaching can have dramatic impacts on individuals and communities. My charity work includes:

  • Pro-bono Coaching

  • Pro-bono Web Development

  • Volunteering

If you have an opportunity partner on please contact via social media channels

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