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My Story In 7 Books 📚

Atomic Habits Book Cover

My Guiding Principle

"If you can get 1 percent better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you're done."

I first read Atomic Habits in 2018. It articulated many of my personal values. 
Growth, Learning, Experimentation. In helping people change I've found that small shifts in behaviour often lead to remarkable results. 

In The Beginning

I began my "professional" career in 2007. Upon joining my first company, I was given the 7 habits of Highly Effective People. I still have this copy today. It was the first leadership book I'd ever read. It opened my eyes to the many aspects of performance development. It started my journey to become a better leader.

7 habits book cover
Agile Testing

The First 7 Years

I started my career as a Software Tester. I was an outsider doing a job people felt could be automated away. I had to learn how to clearly articulate the value of testing. Agile Testing helped me do that. It provided clarity on how I could help teams develop high-quality software products. I developed many skills as a software tester I still use today. The most helpful, how to be curious. 

Dreams of a Rock Star

Growing up I always wanted to be in a band. I remember watching Glastonbury Festival on TV dreaming of headlining the pyramid stage. I came close when I performed at the Park Stage in 2019. Ask me more about this story.

Flea Book Cover
Tim Ferris Book

Becoming More Productive

I've always had an entrepreneurial streak. I loved reading about Tim Ferris's journey in setting up a business. How he then learned the habits and tactics to preserve his most precious resource: time. I've learned countless tricks and techniques from Tim that I use daily.

Going Professional

In 2016 I started working as an Agile Coach. I knew a lot about agile but wondered what this "coaching" aspect of my title meant. I came to a big realisation. What I thought was coaching was really mentoring. This started my journey to become a professional coach. I completed training with Barefoot Coaching and this opened my eyes to the many facets of unlocking high performance.

Coaches Casebook Cover

The Future

I have many goals for the future. One of those is writing a book. I've read thousands of books but have yet to write one. I hope you'll read it one day.

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