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Curated Insights | Friday 26th March 2021

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Happy Friday,

This weeks insights include:

  • Knowing When To Quit 🤔

  • Change is not an event. It's a skill. ✨

  • Lyssa Adkins and Edge Theory 🔥

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With Gratitude,



Knowing When To Quit 🤔

mise en place

Being a change agent is hard. It's full of ups and downs. It can often feel like change is never going to happen. Therefore knowing when to quit is an important, tough decision.

This article by Sarah Weiler shares a tool to help you understand your relationship with quitting.

The tool is built upon two dimensions: Disinterest and Discomfort.

This tool can help you build self-awareness, knowing your quitting patterns. It stops you from blindly persevering on projects when your energy could be better used elsewhere. Ultimately it helps you spend more time focused on the stuff that matters.

I use the tool this week to reflect on this newsletter.

When I first started writing this newsletter I had high discomfort and high interest, so growth. Other week's I've been less interested with high discomfort, so grit. This week was busy, so I definitely felt I was moving into burnout.

When you next feel like quitting, use this model to reflect on how you are feeling and make the right decision.


Change is not an event. It's a skill. ✨

This week I spoke about change at Agile Coaching Exchange.

I shared that often we think about change as an event:

"When I get the promotion at work, people will respect me."

Waiting for these events can stop us from changing now.

I've come to realise that change happens more through the tiny habits we perform each day.

The best way to make change happen in our lives is to change our environment and change habits in tiny ways.

This video shares two skills you can build to create change in your life and work.


Lyssa Adkins and Edge Theory 🔥

This week I also spoke at Triagile Conference. The Keynote was from the wonderful Lyssa Adkins who talked about Edge Theory.

It provides a metaphor for crossing between your current state into a new reality. A common edge we cross in life is becoming a parent. This creates a phase shift in your life.

Using this theory you can better understand your edge and how that is influencing your life. Often people are fearful of "the edge" and this can hold back breakthroughs to success.


Quote of the week

"I poked myself in the eye with my pencil case"

Sarah Wood


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