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  • Toby Sinclair

Ultimate List of Organizational Design Resources | How to enable Adaptiveness

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Here I share a list of resources that have helped in my journey to uncover better approaches to organisation design. In particular, how design can help increase an organisations disposition towards adaptiveness (aka agility).

The resources have been broken down by Category. Each category asks a big question you will likely need to answer during your Organizational Design efforts. For each question is a list of resources which have helped me answer the same question.

It is my hope that these resources will help new and experienced Organisational Design Professionals uncover new ways to enable adaptiveness.

Understanding Context - Where are we?

Defining Products & Value Streams - What should we organise around?

Organisation Structure - How should we organise?

Finances - How should we manage the budget?

Skill Development - How can develop talent?

Management - What is the role of Management?

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging - How can we enable and embrace diversity?

Strategy Deployment and Alignment - How do we deploy and align people around the strategy?

Communities of Practice/Guilds - How do we build communities?

What would be on your Ultimate Organisation Design list?

I'd love to hear the resources you have found helpful in your organisation design work. Comment below or on Twitter


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