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  • Toby Sinclair

Summary: Super Mentors by Eric Koester, Adam Saven


📚 Should You Read This?

👋 Hey - I'm Toby. This summary wasn't written by AI. I'm a real leader, managing teams in large organisations. I read to solve tough problems. I share book summaries weekly to help other leaders tackle scary challenges.

Toby's Rating: 8/10

Absolutely. This book has provided a whole new outlook on mentoring. In particular, great mentors provide opportunities, not advice. I've seen countless articles describing coaching as asking, and mentoring as telling. I've hated that distinction. Mentoring is more than just telling someone what to do. Super Mentors provides the perfect explanation of how great mentoring should be.


💡 3 Big Ideas from Super Mentors by Eric Koester, Adam Saven

  1. Mentorship as Opportunity, Not Just Advice: The core premise of Super Mentors is that modern mentorship should focus more on tangible opportunities than just advice. This means identifying potential mentors who can directly influence your path by providing introductions, advice on strategic moves, or even advocating for you in their networks​​​.

  2. Aim High, Ask Small, and Do It Again: The book teaches that effective mentorship involves targeting high-value individuals and making precise, manageable requests that respect the mentor's time and commitment. This strategy should be repeated across different mentors to maximise your growth and learning opportunities​​​.

  3. The Four Laws of Super Mentorship: These laws—Right Ask, Right People, Right Start, and Right Time—guide you in crafting your approach to finding and engaging mentors. They help you identify who to approach, how to approach them, and when to seek their guidance, ensuring that each interaction is purposeful and contextually appropriate​​​.


💬 Best Quotes from Super Mentors by Eric Koester, Adam Saven

Crucial Conversations Big Idea

"Modern mentorship is about opportunity, not advice."
"Aim High, Ask Small, and Do It Again."
"Super Mentors help you not by giving endless advice, but by opening doors that were previously closed."
"The best mentors are those who see potential in you and are willing to invest their time and resources to help you realize it."
"Building a network of Super Mentors is building a ladder to your dreams."

✅ Toby's Top Takeaway from "Super Mentors" by Eric Koester and Adam Saven

The standout lesson from Super Mentors is the power of strategic, targeted mentorship over traditional, often vague mentor-mentee relationships. It's not just about finding a mentor; it's about engaging multiple mentors in a purposeful manner that respects both their time and your developmental needs. By focusing on micro-requests and specific, actionable assistance, you transform mentorship from a passive, advice-giving relationship into a dynamic, opportunity-creating resource that can propel your career and personal projects forward.

Actionable Takeaways:

  1. Identify Potential Super Mentors: Look beyond your immediate circle to identify leaders and influencers who align with your career aspirations.

  2. Craft Micro-Requests: When reaching out to potential mentors, make specific, small requests that can be easily fulfilled, demonstrating respect for their time and setting the stage for ongoing engagement.

  3. Iterate and Expand Your Network: Use each successful engagement as a stepping stone to further expand your mentorship circle, continuously seeking new perspectives and opportunities.

By implementing the strategies from Super Mentors, you can build a powerful network of supporters who can help guide and accelerate your journey toward achieving your most ambitious goals.

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