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  • Toby Sinclair

Change Agent Spotlight: A round-up of Innovators, Disruptors and Visionaries changing the world

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Every Wednesday I share a Change Agent who's work is making meaningful impact in the world. My wish is that these stories will bring hope and inspire you to be a change agent too!



9th September 2020

Serlina Boyd - Founder Cocoa Magazines (Girl & Boy)

Serlina Boyd - Found of Cocoa Magazine

I recently heard about Serlina's story on BBC news. Serlina has founded a magazine that aims to share inspiring and empowering content for young Black Girls aged 7-14 years old.

If you ask any Black adult in the UK what magazines they read growing up, it would most likely be ones filled with pages, columns and advice for people who looked nothing like them. And, this lack of visibility is far reaching. The Guardian reports that just 4% of protagonists in children's books in the UK are from BAME backgrounds, while the publishing industry is 90% white. That said, it comes as no surprise that it’s taken until 2020 for the UK’s first magazines for Black children to be released. - Bustle

Serlina started the magazine after her six-year-old daughter experienced difficulties at school because of the colour of her skin. Seeing the lack of empowering magazines and books for black children Serlina aimed to solve this problem.

This story is a great example of a change agent. Serlina identified a personal problem and has now provided an empowering solution for children across the globe. Since publication, Cocoa Girl has experienced a surge in sales, selling more than 11,000 copies since it launched in June.



16th September

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