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Atlas of the Heart Summary - Brene Brown


Rating: 8/10 | Recommended For: Everyone | Category: Self-Help

✏️ Atlas of the Heart Summary Written by Rita Goodbody

Atlas of the heart summary

3 Big Ideas from Atlas of the Heart 💡

  1. When you have access to the right words they can open up entire universes. Through language we make connections, we learn and improve our self-awareness.

  2. The theory of near and far enemies. Far enemies are real opposites so it's easy to spot. But near enemies are really tricky and can seriously damage relationships and leave us in pain.

  3. We can not possibly recognize what other people are feeling. Too many emotions and experiences are expressed the same way - like crying. We need to talk to each other, drop the assumptions!

2 Best Quotes from Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown 💬

"Empathy is a tool of compassion. We can respond empathically only if we are willing to be present to someone's pain. If we're not willing to do that, it's not real empathy."
"Disappointment is an unmet expectation. The more significant the expectation, the more significant the disappointment."

Atlas of the heart summary infographic

Top Takeaway

I've always struggled to express feelings and emotions. I knew only a few and it seemed to disconnect me from others even more. I had a lot of expectations and anger when my needs were not met. It makes so much sense now after reading Atlas of the Heart. The “emotion map” is clear.

Brene Brown helps you walk through different emotions for example “Places we go when we compare; Places we go when we are hurting”, each section has a handful of emotions to describe the feeling of hurt or being compared or feeling beyond ourselves. More than one word can describe that. Once you are familiar with the map - you can better understand and describe your feelings.

Without speaking to others and asking questions we can not possibly know what they feel or experience. I can finally cultivate meaningful connections by walking alongside other people. Being curious and build narrative trust as they tell me about their experiences.

Listening is a hard skill, but it opens enormous opportunities to understand others and be able to be there for them as well as to find your true self.

I've learned from Atlas of the Heart that with the right map, we can find the way back to our truest selves and those around us. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

📹 Prefer Video?

This video expands on the ideas from Rita's Atlas of the Heart summary


Atlas of the Heart Summary Written by: Rita Goodbody

Rita Goodbody

I'm a delivery manager working with people and seeking to challenge myself with day to day people-tech problems. Usual challenges - miscommunication!

📚 I love to read because that way I can grow, learn and apply new ideas in real-life - personal or work-related.

📗 A book I’ve been recently recommending is "The Art of Leadership Small things, done well" by Michael Lopp


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