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The Prosperous Coach Summary

The Prosperous Coach Summary

⭐ Rating: 10/10 - "I've listened to it three times!"

✏️ The Prosperous Coach Summary Written by Tashena Gonzales

3 Big Ideas from The Propsoerous Coach💡

In this Prosperous Coach summary, Tashena shares that:

  1. You create clients. Most think this is the ‘hard part”. You need to love the “hard part.” You don’t get clients; you don’t attract them, you create them. How do you create them? The Prosperous Coach shares a simple framework: Connect, Invite, Create, Propose. To become a Prosperous Coach, concentrate on having powerful conversations & continually making invitations.

  2. You can be a successful coach without the things that most marketers say you must have. Social media presence, big email lists, cold calling, a published book, an amazing website etc. These things can be helpful but are not necessary.

  3. There are different levels to coaching. Struggling Coach, Personal Development Coaching, Part-time Coaching & Professional Coaching. No level is better than others and many choose to stay at Part-time or Professional Development coaching, but it is good to know what level you are at and make a conscious decision as to what level you would like to be at.

2 Best Quotes from The Propsoerous Coach 💬

What is the secret to getting an extraordinary coaching business? Extraordinary Clients. “I create my own circumstances. – Bruce Lee”
Help your clients see their world differently. When they see their world differently, they show up differently, see things differently & do things differently.

Top Takeaway

Here are Tashena's Top Takeaways from this The Prosperous Coach summary.

Before listening to The Prosperous Coach, I had been convinced that I needed to have successful courses, an online masterclass, a published best-selling book. A myriad of other things in order to move from a part-time coach to a professional coach. Due to limited time, some of these things seemed overwhelming to complete. And some of them cost extra money.

Now I am successfully increasing my clientele and, on my way, to being a confident professional coach by focusing on the basics.

Connecting - I connect with current contacts more and I network to make new connections. Connecting means having powerful conversations. A key to powerful conversations is your own personal development through reading and application. As well as having your own coach. Sharing powerful testimonials, which also help sell the experience of coaching.

Inviting - I don’t sell the idea of coaching. I don’t convince individuals via long messenger conversations or emails why I’d be great to work with. I invite them to join me on my calendar. Those that don’t book or don’t show up, are individuals that were not ready to work with me.

Create - During the session, we have a transformational coaching session and a deep conversation that leads to a proposal. They get to experience my coaching in this first session. Rather than having a “discovery call” where I list the ways I can meet their needs.

The Prosperous Coach has radically, changed how I approach my day. I've adjusted some of my monthly goals. I still have a social media presence, email lists and a website. But I have less anxiety around marketing pieces that may be missing. I may write a book when I have more money. But I don’t see it as a necessity to become a prosperous coach. And I’m certain I have the skills currently to move quickly into professional coaching and into prosperity in the next year.

📹 Prefer Video?

If videos are more your thing check out additional ideas from this video from one of the authors:


The Prosperous Coach Summary Written by: Tashena Gonzales

Steven Menczel Bio

Tashena is a Holistic Business Coach. She's a certified holistic business, wellness coach, mindfulness leader, self-development/success coach & group coach. Her speciality is she turns chaos into clarity! She currently coaches or mentors’ entrepreneurs, small business owners & professionals helping them to become more profitable without reaching burnout.

She’s been a self-development junkie since her teens and loves listening to 2 to 4 audiobooks per month.

📚 I love to read because it helps me grow and learn. It is essential for me to train and coach others.


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