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5 Daily Habits to Boost Productivity BEFORE you Go Online

“Focused, productive successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful days – which inevitably create a successful life.” Hal Elrod

When I arrive to my office….

I will not check my emails

A hard habit to build. Don’t sit down at your desk and dive straight into emails. Starting in this reactive way, will lead to low focus and progress.

I will fill my Water Bottle

Super simple but important.  Read more

I will write my gratitude journal

One sentence, on a Post-It Note, describing something to be grateful for. Stick to workstation as a reminder. Helps on even the worst of days.

I will Review Weekly Goals


Spend 10 minutes Monday mornings setting 3 goals to achieve in the week.

2 work related, 1 personal.

Keep this simple. No SMART objectives. A simple statement of intent.

Review progress every morning.

  1. Red – Off Track

  2. Amber – Risky

  3. Green – On Track

Use a Good Notes Journal or paper.

I will Refine Task List on To Do

Microsoft To Do is a great tool. Prioritise with the Eisenhower method

See how many items you can put into the “Don’t Do” list. It’s my most important list!

When working in a team, you might use a task management tool like JIRA.


Only now is the time to go online

Now is the time to go online. Start with these two habits to help continue focus:

I will review emails (Action simple, Add Harder tasks to To Do list)

Review inbox. Action simple items that that need less than 2 minutes. Add any other actions to To Do list in prioritised order.

I will schedule my diary

Habits performed so far give three crucial pieces of information:

  1. Status on Weekly Goals

  2. To Do List

  3. Current Diary Commitments

Organise your day to complete the most important items not only urgent matters.

Two factors to boost your success


I perform these habits in the same location and roughly same time every day. This environmental prompt can increase your ability to form habits

If you have ever walked into your kitchen, seen a plate of cookies on the counter, and eaten them just because they are there in front of you, then you understand the power of location on our behavior. James Clear

Tiny Habits

These habits are small in size but big in impact. Each habit takes minutes to perform but have a huge impact on my productivity. This routine provides stability and comfort, reducing my morning anxiety and stress.

Read my book summary: Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg for more inspiration

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