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  • Toby Sinclair

5 Best Life Coaching Books

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

5 Best Life Coaching Books
5 Best Books about Life Coaching

One of the most common questions I'm asked from life coaches undertaking life coach training is:

“What Life Coaching books do you recommend?”

Here is a shortlist of the best life coaching books I’ve read. These coaching books cover a wide range of coaching approaches and topics. The coaching books are great for new coaches taking coach certification but also experienced professional coaches looking for fresh ideas. These coaching books cover many of the essential models you should know as a life coach.

The best life coaching books:

What did I like about this coaching book?

  1. This book explores the popular GROW Model

  2. There are some great chapters about crafting good goals

  3. Explains well what Coaching actually is

  4. For many, this is the go-to book about modern coaching techniques. A bestseller that's been around for many years.

Recommended for: New coaches undertaking coaching certification or those looking to learn how to be a life coach. One of the best coaching books you'll read.

What did I like about this coaching book?

  1. Very practical examples of coaching conversations

  2. Real-Life Case Studies from high profile and famous figures

  3. Easy to relate to (I often found personal examples in each of the traits)

  4. Promotes Coaching Supervision which was a concept that was new to me until i read this book

Recommended for: Scrum Masters (Co-Author Geoff Watts also Authored Scrum Mastery)

What did I like about this coaching book?

  1. This book has had a dramatic impact on my coaching approach

  2. It will fundamentally challenge you

  3. Excellent examples and well written

  4. Case Studies towards the end of the book on how to apply the Thinking Environment are very interesting.

Recommended for: People involved in organisational change

What did I like about this coaching book?

  1. A simple and accessible introduction to Coaching

  2. Suggests some power Coaching questions such as the AWE question

  3. Techniques can be applied straight away

  4. Does not promote a rigid process but looks at how coaching can be built as a habit in everything you do

Recommended for: Managers

What did I like about this coaching book?

  1. Visual!

  2. Covers many core coaching concepts but using visual aids

  3. Provides great inspiration on how to apply visual techniques to coaching.

  4. Techniques for both individuals and the team

Recommended for: Experienced Coaches looking for new ways to engage clients

5 Extra Bonus Coaching Books

Here is the full list of the best life coaching books including a few more once you are finished with the top 5 coaching books.

Want to learn more? Check out these 5 coaching models that every professional coach should know!


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