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Book Summaries To Help You Stay Relevant

Short book summaries of the best business and personal development books.


Each book summary is curated specifically for busy managers, leaders and coaches. The books focus on how you can accelerate improvement in your life and work.

As a leader in fast-paced organisations, I'm always looking to learn insights from the best thinkers on the planet. I've read hundreds (maybe thousands) of books across my career.

In 2020 I came to a realisation: I wasn't turning insights into action. 🤦‍♂️

I would read a book and quickly move onto the next one without taking action. 

Inspired from reading Tiny Habits by Fogg I formed a new habit: For every book I read, I will write a book summary 📚

Since then I've written over 50 business book summaries. These include Atomic Habits by James Clear, Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, The Practice by Seth Godin.

Each book summary is written from my experience as a practising organisational leader. There are many other book summary sites such as Blinkist but what they often lack is the experience of how those insights have been applied in the workplace. 

These books have directly influenced how I coach, work and lead. I share the actions I've taken in each book to help you put the insights into action.

For example, how to focusing on the vital few rather than the trivial many will help you succeed. And how you can use 7 simple questions to build a coaching habit. Also how understanding your personal values can create better life outcomes.

Minimize reading time whilst maximising learning.

New book summaries posted weekly.

Book Summaries


What I'm currently reading:

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