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Develop Better People with Coaching

In Switch, you will learn a step-by-step method for building a consistent coaching habit. 

Within just 5 days you'll have practical ways to lead, empower and inspire your teams.

These tiny changes can help you develop better people leading to better products.

Switch is for Product and Tech Leaders who want to.....




Building a habit of asking vs telling can empower your team.




Building coaching skills enables you to delegate more rather than being a bottleneck.


Keep People Motivated

People want autonomy. Listening and asking questions helps people get this.




By coaching your team members you keep them engaged in the problem-solving process.


Deliver Better Products

When you coach your team, you'll harness their collective wisdom.


Improve "Underperformers"

It's tempting to tell underperformers what to do. But sometimes asking can be better.


Moaz El Sayed


I had no great expectations for the course. I came across it searching for Success Journal on Google. It's helped my ability to sense the needs of others. I have written the skill "Asking for the needs of others" in my Habit Tracker and try to keep it every day.

5 Day Schedule

Each day you'll receive an email containing a 5-Minute exercise.

  • Day 1 - What is your desired identity?

  • Day 2 - Find Your Golden Behaviours

  • Day 3 - Design Your New Habits

  • Day 4 - Stacking and Tracking Your New Habits

  • Day 5 - The Importance of Celebration


Willorna Brock


I found Switch really helpful.  Easy to apply hints and tips. In just 5 days it helped me to find habits to improve my productivity and my business.

Who is your coach?

Hello 👋

I'm Toby Sinclair, your coach for this course.

I'm a Business Executive based in London. I've worked in Product and Tech organisations in various roles for the past 15yrs.


I've been coaching professionally now for 6 years across many organisations. I've coached CIO's, product teams and everyone in between.

I'm a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. Sadly many coaches are not professionally trained. To get this credential means I've completed 125hrs of training and delivered over 500hrs coaching conversations.

My philosophy of coaching is based on habits. I believe that for anything to change you need to act. The best way to do that is to start small and stay consistent.​

Switch is based upon my coaching values and principles that help find my 1% improvement every day. 🚀

If you'd like to know more, here is my story.

How to Join

Coaching is done via email. Each day you'll be guided through a 5-minute coaching activity.

Once you join you will be automatically enrolled on the program to start right away.

You'll receive an introduction email with all the steps to get started.

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