Virtual Coaching is now the new normal. Professional coaches of all kinds are looking at how best to serve clients virtually.


I have been experimenting with different ways to solve this problem in my own coaching practice.


I've found two things that help ensure your virtual coaching is impactful. Firstly, it really helps to have something visual to look at. Secondly, providing something interactive that the client can engage with.


With this in mind, I have found, an online collaboration platform, to be a game-changer for virtual coaching.


Here I share a collection of Virtual Coaching templates I have used for personal, team and organisational coaching.


You can simply re-use these templates saving you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the coaching conversation.

Virtual Coaching Exercises
  1. Fear Setting - Helping people overcome fears holding them back | Miro Board

  2. Wheel of Life - Explore different aspects of a persons life - Great for leadership coaching | Miro Board

  3. Tiny Habits - A framework to help people build and break habits | Miro Board

  4. Vision Chairs - A coaching exercise to help inspire people to take action | Miro Board

  5. Improvement Canvas - Help an organisation or team find a path towards their vision | Miro Board

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