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XP2016 – Day 1 – XP at Scale – Elisabeth Hendrickson

Some notes from the opening Keynote at XP2016 from Elisabeth Hendrickson.

Some Principles at Pivotal:

  1. Separate what & how

  2. Sustainable Pace

  3. Automate

  4. Ensure fast feedback

  5. Team Own Quality

  6. Reflect, Adapt, Experiment

Pairing is really important. Do it as part of your recruitment.

Scaling problems are highlighted in the analogy “Tragedy of the Commons”

“Without intervention work rolls down hill!” Sometimes teams need to help and guidance.

Why isn’t XP practiced widely?

If XP is so effective, why isn’t everyone doing it? Because it’s HARD. @testobsessed #xp2016 — Steve_Hayes (@Steve_Hayes) May 25, 2016

Some more Pivotal Principles…..

  1. Use Conyway’s law to your advantage

  2. Teams own things

  3. Team that owns that thing tests that thing

  4. Relentless feedback cycles

  5. Increase Empathy

  6. Collaborate, reduce Hand Offs

Empathy is our advantage….

"At pivotal, empathy is our strategic advantage" — @testobsessed #xp2016 — mattwynne (@mattwynne) May 25, 2016

“Don’t do it for me, do it WITH me”

If Field engineers encounter problems they are encouraged to pair with the team to get it resolved. Pair all the time with everyone!

Some new techniques Pivotal have applied……

  1. Big team standup

  2. Cross team retros

  3. Allocations/Rotations

  4. Cross Team Pairing

  5. Regular Exploratory Testing

Some new roles at Pivotal…

  1. Engineering Director / Leadership Liaison

  2. Product Director

  3. Product Manager

We don’t hire into a leadership role, as soon as you hire into a leadership position you import someone else culture – @testobsessed #xp2016 — Chris McDermott (@chrisvmcd) May 25, 2016

Closing comment…

#xp2016 @testobsessed keynote "Fascinating" pic.twitter.com/Cj6QSAHpcX — Rachel (@rachelcdavies) May 25, 2016

Excellent Keynote!

I will be blogging throughout the conference. You can check out my previous post about Dan North’s workshop here


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