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Toby The Testers Travels – Siem Reap – The Middle

This blog post is a continuation of my series on Siem Reap. You can read the previous post, The Beginning, here.

Day 2 – Temple Touring

4:30am the alarm rings, it is time to visit Angkor Way for Sunrise! Every day thousands of tourists rise early to get to Angkor Wat. Luckily our guide Bun knew the perfect spot to watch the sunrise with few tourists. It was so peaceful and was like stepping back through time as the morning mist was burnt away by the rising sun. If you ever go to Siem Reap, the sunrise at Angkor is a must, but try and avoid the large crowds if you can by using local knowledge.

After Ta Prohm we trekked through the jungle again to another deserted temple, we were the only people there. Also taken over by the Jungle we climbed over collapsed walls to get into the centre of the temple.

By 10am we had already been out 5hrs so headed back for breakfast and a snooze.

Silk Farm and Tonlé Sap Lake

In the afternoon we headed to something different to the temples. We made a short visit to the Silk Farm to see how traditional methods are still being used to produce some of the worlds best silk.

Then we headed to Tonlé Sap Lake which has people living on the lake in floating villages. The usual tourist track is to go to the Vietnamese village but instead we headed a little bit further away to the Cambodian Floating village which is on a different part of the lake. Again, this allowed us to experience the real Cambodia far away from the large tourist groups.

Nearly 24 hours after waking up for sunrise we headed back to Bunyong Homestay.

The final part of my blog on Siem Reap will cover the Pink Temple, Banteay Srei, and the Cambodian Pub Street.

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