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Toby The Testers Travels – Siem Reap – The End

This is the final part of my blog posts about my time in Siem Reap. You can read my previous posts here:

The BeginningThe Middle

Day 3 – Temple Touring

The first Temple on our final day was Jungle ruin Preah Khan, one of the largest Temple complexes. There is still evidence of the dense Jungle that took over the temple whilst deserted. Walking through we saw some huge spiders and hundreds of huge spider webs!

Cambodian Pub Street

As I mentioned in my previous post Siem Reap has a popular tourist street called “Pub St” which is full of western pubs and restaurants which isn’t at all very “Cambodian”.

To experience the “Real Cambodia” our Homestay host, Bun, took us to the Cambodian Pub street for the evening. We were kind of expecting a street of bars but it was a long, long road full of market stalls, street food, amusement rides and thousands of Cambodian families enjoying picnics. There must of been about 10,000 people there, more than usual due to the nations River Festival, and we were the only 2 “westerners” I saw!

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