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Know Your Onion! A Virtual Coaching Circle for you to learn Coaching

Coaching can be a confusing and daunting topic to learn. Many people are confused by the various approaches and schools of thought. Is coaching the same as mentoring? Whats the difference between coaching and counselling? Isn’t coaching just asking questions?

I started my journey 2 years ago with the same challenges and questions. I have found some answers, discovered new questions and have grown immensely through the journey.

One of the things that has really helped deepen my coaching awareness is Coaching Circles. These are small group sessions that enable you to learn collaboratively with others about coaching.

Know Your Onion! is a Coaching Circle, hosted virtually, aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about coaching. It is primarily aimed at those new to coaching but anyone is welcome to join. This coaching circle is free of charge.

We will not be learning about onions, explained below, unless someone has an onion addiction they’d like to overcome?

I want to join now! 

I want to know more. Read on…..

What is a coaching circle?

A coaching circle is a small group of individuals with common goals who want to work on those goals in a supportive and motivating environment. This coaching circle is aimed at anyone who wants to learn and deepen their understanding of coaching.

The coaching circle will be hosted virtually and will adopt an experiential learning approach which means participants will learn by doing!

Each coaching circle will be facilitated by a trained and qualified coached who will take the participants through an exercise to experience different aspects of coaching; listening, observing, empathising, questioning, integrating.

A typical session will involve participants taking it in turns to present a goal or challenge and then receive coaching from the rest of the group.

You will have the opportunity to coach, be coached or simply observe.

Sessions will be held monthly and each session will be around 60 minutes in length.

Each circle is limited to 8 people so that everyone feels comfortable to contribute.

Why Know Your Onion?

a) Its a song by one of my favourite bands – The Shins

b) Its random

c) It’s also a phrase to describe that means to be knowledge about a subject [1] which is what this circle is all about!

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If you would like more details feel free to contact me via twitter @TobySinclair_

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