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  • Toby Sinclair

Curated Insights | Friday 25th December 2020

Happy Christmas!

Here are this week's curated insights to help you, your team and organisation improve.


1. A podcast:

Naval Ravikant on the Tim Ferris Show - Episode 97

An excellent episode. My highlights were:

  • When you think of the successful people, who is the first that comes to mind? [58:19]

  • How to replace bad habits with good habits [1:07:06]

  • Early life education and the importance of “loving to read” [1:43:19]

I didn't realise that Naval has quite a big cult following. His thinking and philosophy distilled into 'The Almanak of Naval Ravikant'

2. A quote:

You might be surprised to see a newsletter on Christmas Day.

I was inspired by this quote:

"To me, the vow I’ve made to my readers is sacred. I’ve learned that the only way you can earn people’s trust is by consistently keeping your word and delivering on what you’ve promised."

Polina Marinova - I quit my job at the start of the pandemic to launch a company. Here’s what I’ve learned in the first 90 days.

3. A book recommendation:

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Recommendation from Juvoni Beckford. He has some excellent recommendations in this Twitter Thread

Until next Friday

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