Half Full Moon




"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds."

Alexander Graham Bell

At any given moment there are several topics I'm exploring and big questions I'm trying to answer. You might be exploring the same topics. If so, I'd love to collaborate with you!!!


This collaboration might be a simple chat to share ideas or could be working on something like a blog post.

The questions I'm currently exploring are:

  1. How to create high performing senior leadership teams?

  2. How to change habits at scale within organisations?

  3. How can organisations embrace and work with complexity?

  4. What does it mean to live a life aligned to a purpose?

  5. How to set up and run a Social Enterprise?

The skills I'm developing:

  1. Professional Coaching - Improving how to ask better questions and listen with empathy

  2. Writing - Developing my writing style and approach

  3. Content Marketing - Learning all about content marketing and how to build an online presence

  4. Meta-Learning - Learning how to learn. I'm currently developing skills such as speed-reading and how to intake knowledge and apply quickly.

If you are exploring similar topics or you have the answers to these questions I'd love to speak with you.

Drop me a message at toby@tobysinclair.com